Psychedelic Crisis Intervention

July 14-16th 2023

Cape Town, South Africa

December 2-4th 2022

Talinn, Estonia

October 8-9th 2022

Psychedelic Society

As more and more people are exposed to psychedelics and the delicate states which they awaken, it is essential that we learn how to support difficult psychedelic experiences and how to integrate them afterwards. 

Holding Space is a 3 – day experiential workshop that offers practical knowledge and practices that can help us prepare, navigate and integrate our own psychedelic experiences, and provides important and even life saving knowledge about how to better support the difficult psychedelic experiences of our loved ones. During the workshop we will teach tools and techniques that were developed through years of experience in psychedelic harm reduction and mindfulness-based psychotherapy, explore what it means to be mindful of our own inner experience when providing support and learn how to implement the insights of a psychedelic experience into everyday life.


  • Compassionate listening and mindful awareness practices
  • Deep dive into the ethics and guidelines of psychedelic harm reduction
  • Psychedelic crisis intervention and integration case studies
  • Discussion about psycho-spiritual crisis
  • 1.5-hour psychedelic neurochemistry and research lecture
  • 2.5-hour session of simulations using tools from playback theatre and psychodrama where participants can get as close as possible to hands-on experience in crisis intervention.
  • Knowledge and practical tools that will help you integrate your own psychedelic experiences.
  • Discussion about the shadow aspect of psychedelic therapy


Day I

 10:00 – Arriving

11:00 – Opening Circle
 12:30 – Spiritual Emergency, Spiritual Bypass & Psychedelics
 14:30 – Loving Presence #1 – Mindfulness & Deep listening
 17:00 – Neurochemistry and Psychedelic Research

Day II

 9:00 – Loving Presence #2

11:30 – Psychedelic Harm Reduction | Principles, Ethics & Guidelines

13:30 – Lunch break

 15:00 – Psychedelic crisis intervention – Simulation session
 17:30 – Closing circle


 09:00 – Psychedelic Meta-Integration
 10:30 – Psychedelic Integration: Group work
 12:00 – Psychedelic Integration Case Studies
 14:00 – Closing Circle
 15:00 – Leaving


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Nir Tadmor and Igal Tartakovsky are co-founders of Safe Shore – a psychedelic education, harm reduction and peer support project based in Israel. Since Safe Shore was founded 9 years ago, Igal and Nir have supported and supervised more than 1500 psychedelic crises in musical events and in private practice, facilitated 36 “Holding Space” workshops in Israel, the UK, The Netherlands, Estonia and South Africa, and are currently working on a few scientific papers about psychedelic harm reduction with the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Nir Tadmor, Ms.c

Nir is a certified transpersonal psychotherapist (EUROTAS), phenomenological researcher, Director of Education at Impulse – Integrative clinical center and Co-Founder of SafeHeart – a registered charity that provides free psychedelic-informed psychotherapy services for the survivors of the Nova rave massacre.
He holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Middlesex University (through the Alef Trust), trained in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy and is a co-researcher in a neurophenomenological study about Ayahuasca and death perception in Haifa University. For his Master’s thesis Nir conducted a phenomenological study about the psychospiritual integration process that unfolds in the lives of Western mental health professionals who use psychedelics for personal and professional growth. Nir is also a member of the Special Committee for the Fight against Drugs and Alcohol in the Israeli Parliament.

Igal Tartakovsky

Igal is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist (ACT, Satya) who specializes in psychedelic integration. He is also the founder of “Soft Landing” – a project that supports young people on their return to Israel from their post-army journey abroad.